The Port / Connections

At the center of Europe

Efficient connections


The port area can be easily and directly reached thanks to the A4 Torino-Trieste motorway that connects to Slovenia, and the A23 Monfalcone-Udine-Austria motorway connecting to Germany, the Czech and Slovak Republics and Hungary whose tollgate is located at a distance of 1.5 km from the port, and to the trunk roads to and from Venice, Udine, Gorizia and Triest.


The Trieste-Venezia/Udine-Tarvisio railway, with all its branchlines, is directly connected to the Port of Monfalcone; in fact, a new and modern railway connection to a simple non electrified track assures connections with the freight yard located 2 km away. The special ring structure and feeder line makes it easy to serve the wharfs and the yards, thus allowing companies to make use of complete and integrated transFacilities and Services.


The airport, located at 5 kilometres from the port, can be reached directly from the A4 motorway connection in 10 minutes. The airport guarantees efficient connections with the main Italian and European cities and offers a wide range of charter flights to tourist destinations.

Multimodal Area

The Port of Monfalcone is the centre of a multimodal area that encompasses, within a radius of 25 kilometres, the port, the airport of Ronchi dei Legionari at 5 kilometres, the truck terminal and frontier system of Gorizia located on the Italian-Slovenian border of Gorizia-Nova Gorica at 15 kilometres, and intermodal terminal of Trieste – Fernetti on the border with Slovenia, at 25 kilometres, from the freight yard and the adjacent interport "Alpe Adria" of Cervignano del Friuli at 20 kilometres. Transport by sea, air, road and rail is thus guaranteed and more important in a very closed area.