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The Port of Monfalcone is the most northern port place of the Adriatic Sea and, consequently, the closest one to central Europe. It is located at 45° 47' N latitude and at 013° 33' E longitude.
Thanks to the particular operating efficiency mainly resulting from the spirit of cooperation among the various stakeholders, the Port of Monfalcone is one of today's most efficient Italian ones.


semidiurnal nature;
amplitude: min. m. 0,50 max. m. 1,50;
High of pier at Mean Low Water: m. 2,60.
Prevailing winds
from ENE (bora) and from the South (scirocco).
Fog is practically inexistent: with an average of 3 days per year, mainly during the winter months.
Depth ranges
from -9.5 m. to -11.7 m. with an expected 13.00 m.;
Depth alongside: m. 11,50;
Air draft: none;
Turning Basin, Max depth, radius: m. 11.50, m. 250;
Bollards, type & strength: 50 ton;
Fenders, type: Yokohama, pneumatic rubber (m. 5.5 x m. 3.3).
There is one at 45° 44' N, 13° 38' E.
Access canal
Length: m. 4,500;
Depth: m. -11.70;
Width in the ditch: m. 166.
Fully equipped to handle any type of cargo;
Operative for: m. 1,500;
9 berths are available at the "Portorosega" wharf
2 for the power station at the "A2A" wharf
1 at the "De Franceschi" wharf (grains silos).
Max draft: m. 9,5 m to m. 11,70 (tide0);
Dredging works on access canal to the port must still be tested;
Current max accepted draft: m. -10.90;
No LOA restriction.
Days port closed: 5 days per year
For any information regarding weather forecasts, visit the website


The port is easily and directly accessible.

Highways and trunk roads guarantees efficient connections with the main Italian and European cities.
A modern railway connection assures connections with the freight yard.
The regional airport (5 km), guarantees efficient connections with the main Italian and European cities.
Multimodal Area
Multimodal Area
A multimodal area that encompasses, within a radius of 25 Km, the port, the airport, the truck and cargo terminal.

Freight Traffic

At this stage of the port development activity, that appears to be in constant growth, over 4.5 million tons of various goods are handled: China clay, coal, cellulose, cereals, timber, plant systems, various bulk minerals, steel products, cars.

The port is specialised in general cargo and dry bulk cargo, with a wide experience in specific commodities.

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