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"Service Charter"

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The quality certification system, according to the rules ISO 9001:2015, is an instrument able to improve the image and the competitiveness of a company.
With the rapidity changing technology and market globalisation, process-oriented quality management is becoming a necessity.

Improving the efficiency of your own activities means adopting and optimising the management process considering the consumer satisfaction.

ISO 9001:2015

"Service Charter"

The "Service Charter" is a document that every office of the Government is obliged to provide its users. It describes proposes, criteria and structures through which the service is carried out.

The "Service Charter" is the fundamental tool with which implements the basis of transparency, through explicit declaration of rights and duties of both the staff and users. So the Azienda Speciale per il Porto di Monfalcone (ASPM) has chosen to draft the "Carta dei Servizi" as a means of transparency in providing services.

From the "Quality Policy" was born the "Service Charter", which was undertaken from the staff and wants to be the first step to create a new relationship with customers who use services provided by the ASPM.

The "Service Charter" consists of two elements:
  • a general report shows the main principles underlying the action of the ASPM regarding the services offered;
  • cards service, one for each service treated, describe the main key information.
Service Charter The text is available only in Italian