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At this stage of the port development activity, that appears to be in constant growth, over 4.5 million tons of various goods are handled: China clay, coal, cellulose, cereals, timber, plant systems, various bulk minerals, steel products, cars. The port is specialised in general cargo and dry bulk cargo, with a wide experience in specific commodities.

Operating capacity

Average port operating capacity in tons/day for each vessel

Cars 2,200 units / day
Steel Billets 2.500
Slabs 5.000
H B I 2.250
Clay 2.000
Woodpulp 4.000
Cement in big bag 1.400
Chips 8.000
Containers 400 teu (on RO-RO vessel)
Pig Iron 2.000
Steel Coils 1.500
Timber panels 1.000
Salt 2.000
Steel products 1.750
Talc 2.000
Pipes bundles 1.500
Wire rods 2.000

Traffic Tables

Unloading and loading operations and commodities:


The charts related to cargo traffic in the Port of Monfalcone can be seen here below.

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Unloading operations
Loading operations
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